Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I declare over-space-races the devoted memories Werner Von Brown!

I declare over-space-races the devoted memories Werner Von  Brown!

Ladies and Gentlemen! You yet did not hear about over space speeds? Today just suitable day for this purpose! What about that to sweep on a space meteor with a speed 99Mach!!!

The Braun's steps on the Moon

Today birthday of the most greatest person on the Earth. To him words were necessary to involve investments in the projects only.
This person has made that that all mankind only could imagine and dream throughout all history.
He dreamt to depart and take a walk itself on other planet and He has made it! This is His steps remained there on the Moon!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Okey, I declare super space races on over-space-speeds

I wish to restore activity of my company Alex Craft in the USA and in Europe for My project over-space-speed.

Universal Aerodynamic and hydrodynamic schemes will allow to design various kinds of devices. From submarines to ultrahypersound planes. You can go to space directly from depth of ocean.

The system of manufacture of liquid oxygen directly in flight occurs by analogy to known projects of type of American orbital space  device  PROFAC and a project of the England air space plane HOTOL. However the basic difference is the device of an air intake and heat exchange system. In an offered design air washes a cover of a tank with liquid hydrogen. Thus there is a thermal exchange through a tank wall. Thus the tank wall has a special layer which is capable to regulate heat exchange degree.

 Yes the Lady and Gentlemen! I declare super space races on over-space-speeds. It will be the  really  break in the Universe.

For construction of the demonstrator 5 million 555 thousand dollars will suffice me.
 I have 1 dollar in a pocket, but I will make it!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Gagaryn!

Round the world for 1 hour!

1961.... The first Cosmonaut

1969... The first  Planetonaut


The fair question who deliberately is imposed progress brakes?