Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Alex-tornado and his friends to have a problems now :)))

Speak Alex has raged? What problems of the Lord? I have recollected! I recently at myself in garage, have dug out the my old project. Here it please. On the sound information of attention do not turn please, all already another and all already on another. The project already in a realisation stage so if it is necessary for the Tornado to neutralise that call :)

My Twitter

Has made to itself a page in twitter

Has decided to try twitter on English. It is necessary to get used. After all I will type the international crew in flight to Mars! However the technical question with Mars is solved for a long time already therefore I especially I do not strain about it.
Anyway flight to Mars can be made forces of one child in a children's garden of one state of America.

Ekzjuperi aurait aujourd'hui 110

Ekzjuperi aurait aujourd'hui 110

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Voyage to 50 Apollo-11

I have gathered for Mars to 50 y. Apollo-11 by 2019.
I wish to throw at first by means of sails there all necessary for returning. Then the express train in 69 days to rush into atmosphere of Mars. To make all affairs for 12 days and back the express train to the earth for 69 days. On a mirror trajectory. (In a word by means of mirrors on a mirror trajectory).
Though there is such tiny thought: instead of whether to jerk there it is a little on another? For example sails cargo have sent then 3, 5 months the express train we fly there. There we work while by means of sails there will not arrive cargo for returning.
In any case, business is final on one million. And at all on one million and on all 600. Expedition expensive I understand! 600 million dollars on road do not roll! But business interesting and necessary. I should make it. I already adjust sails. And that has promised in 2004!

Mars without visa?

Here has found my microscopic project of sending of people on Mars.
It as there in a song is sung... About that that on Mars there will be no visas...
By the way about the visa! While with giving a delay.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Space Shop Window

Throughout a theme of bubbles I spread the ancient project on space advertising. A shop show-window in an orbit. With production of the manufacturer. The manufacturer at office does not fit badly. In a reception and in offices flat monitors hanging on walls. On monitors the direct transmission from the personal companion of corporation of its production which flies in an earth orbit. All that will do the client remains in firm and prepares the contract keeping the eyes glued on this monitor.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Penguins will help us!

By the way a quite good thing transparent domes!
I wish to fulfil properly technology and to cover the whole city somewhere in Antarctica:)
Imagine I put a dome on a glacial platform. Such ice layer in the thickness about kilometre. In a city spring at any time year. And within several years the city smoothly kindles ice and together with a dome smoothly plunges into ice thickness on all perimetre.
There is no I so have thought nevertheless better to put a city in Аntarctica on a surface free from ice:))) somewhere on a lawn with a permafrost. Though too it is dangerous. The frozen ground will thaw and to turn a meadow to bogs. It not a simple choice!
All right, on a place we will understand! And that that will not be clear penguins will help. They nice guys :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010


When I was in mountains far far and enjoyed harmony with the nature. (I very much love the pedestrian mountain campaigns) that to me the interesting thought has come. To construct such plane which did not spoil this beauty and that necessarily left in space and certainly came back.
For this plane I like have learnt to build a hangar. Now remains behind the smallest problem. To begin building of the plane..... Somewhere :))) in the State of Nevada or Florida. All is solved! On Monday I do the visa!
I have done some experiments and it has appeared that it is possible to create in the winter summer and in the summer winter without special problems.
And it is possible to do hangars of unlimited size already now and to do...... Even not not punched by shells :)

Friday, June 25, 2010


This project has been conceived in the beginning of 2000 for service operations in space. Service American Shuttles and other large space vehicles.
The hangar was supposed to be used as huge space studio for manufacture of natural cinema. (the project of Cinema go to orbits) and also advertising shootings.
I developed it being manager companies AKS.
If there will be questions under the project write comments.



I open this blog for the publication of the author's projects in the field of astronautics, and also ideas in various areas of a science and technics.
Taking a great interest since early years in aircraft and astronautics I till now has kept feeling of dream.
But I have understood the main thing as these dreams are already close to realisation. It is literally to realisation!
Therefore I will make comments on some moments of realisation of the dreams in the blog.
I invite all to a blog to disputes or just to chat there is nothing (as lyrical digression:))

Best regards,

Oleg Alexandrov.