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(text by Alexandrov Oleg Aleksandrovich copying and use of the text without the permission is forbidden!!!)


Nowadays, there is no need in stating the obvious - demographicproblems on our planet are getting more and more serious, slowlytaking a shape of a global problem. Modern generation is fortunate to have an opportunity and honour oflaying the foundation for interplanetary expeditions. The most pivotalstep was when the mankind left traces on the Moon's surface. Now it isturn for other planets to follow suit: Mars, Mercury, Venus are allpieces of a large jigsaw - interstellar travels and voyages to anothergalaxies. The objective of receiving a grant is to prepare a clear and simplestrategy for 100 yss Organisation to be able not only to devise newand innovative technologies for manned interstellar expeditions, butalso realise the majority of those ideas during a course of 21stcentury.


The legal form of organization and ownership structure will be Open Joint Stock Company. At the beginning of its activity (Grant Disbursement Period), the Corporation will have a classical form of management. During the Grant Disbursement Period the formed team (consisting of 3-5 persons) is planned to make amendments and changes to the Charter of the Corporation in accordance with the new strategies in space-related activities that will be developed during the Grant Disbursement. The principal points in the Corporation strategy development will include:
• Creation of jobs through cooperation with the associations engaged in employment of the laid off professionals primarily in the aerospace industry.
• Cooperation with corporations, having territory, infrastructure and technical means for production.
• The Corporation in its activity will seek to establish and expand its own eco-friendly production facilities, to conduct an active policy of removing all the hazardous industries from the Earth into space, to be engaged in development and construction of space industrial infrastructures and power stations, to develop devices for cleaning the orbits of the space debris.
• The Corporation will strive to create jobs and develop areas of polygons and cities, abandoned for different reasons, to create eco-friendly infrastructures for commercial activities.
• The Corporation will work closely with the mass media, film industry, educational institutions, tourism industry, with patent offices, etc.
• The Corporation will strive to develop its technologies and attract technologies and production facilities of contractors to carry out scientific and commercial geological exploration expeditions in the near and deep space both in manned and automatic mode, to develop other celestial bodies by creating manned bases and settlements and thereby creating production capacities and jobs on other planets and asteroids.
• The Corporation will actively promote fundamental researches in the field of cosmology and elementary particle physics, creating the latest tools and techniques of researches themselves, expanding and opening new opportunities for the mankind.
• The Corporation will take an active part in elaborating the laws and principles of international space activities, for example, when creating concepts such as the International Space Department, and space exploration license committee on territories of other celestial bodies by private individuals.
• The Corporation will establish a network of branches and subsidiaries to diversify its activities.
• The Corporation will pursue a policy of humanity and humanism when organizing its missions of the other worlds exploration and moving into the depths of the Universe, discovering more and more space and opportunities for the mankind...,

Management & Organizational structure.

The stage of Grant Disbursement and the start-up activities will involve personnel (3-5 persons) who will be initiators of the start-up projects to be implemented directly during the Grant Disbursement Period and who will participate in the further recruitment and the organization structure development.
The main grant Applicant and the projects initiator is Oleg Alexandrov, having an extensive experience of private self-employment in the aerospace industry, namely the design of the newest aerospace systems of the latest generation.
Oleg Alexandrov was born on the 20th of March, 1969 in the city of Tekeli (Kazakhstan), finished school in 1986.
From 1987 to 1988 he worked at the station of young technicians of Tekeli as instructor of three groups: Aircraft modeling group, Rocket modeling group and Filming group. For active participation in the preparation of exhibitions at competitions and contests he received award fees. In 1988, he prepared with his pupils an interplanetary probe project designed for collection and delivery of soil samples from Mars to the Earth for the Union contest "Space". The project differed from the earlier ones by the original cassette soil intake device and the use of the long range Mars rover, which carried the take-off missile. He developed the principles of the automated moving of the Mars rover on the surface. It was planned to equip the Mars rover with the system to overcome the impassable obstacles by landing rocket engines, in extreme situations.
In 1988 he was sent with positive characteristics to the preparatory department of the Moscow Aviation Institute. However, for unknown reasons, the documents (with an official letter of referral!) were not accepted.
In 1988-1990 he was an active inventor. He elaborated an efficient method of placing on a limited workshop area, a disc solar sail of an ultra-large size and its deployment in space by means of the centrifugal force. He also developed a method of spatial structures forming for reinforcement of composite materials.
In 1989 he became seriously interested in the idea of HOTOL air liquefaction during acceleration and was engaged in its optimization.
In 1991-1992 he worked as a broker for Moscow Insurance Company "Service Reserve" where he created Service-Cruise Department for implementation of shipbuilding projects. He was engaged in the development of new water entertainment business technologies.
In 1992-1993 he worked under contract with companies "Radar" and "Vnedrenie" while continuing to implement shipbuilding projects of large and comfortable cruising catamarans construction.
In 1994 he established company "Alex Craft" in the USA CA for promotion of commercial shipbuilding and aviation projects. During that period, he was engaged in the development and implementation of multi-screwed helicopter heavy-lift system, on which he has applied in 1996 and received patent No. RU 2159197 C2 in 2000.
In 1996 he organized with two partners company Cruise Service for the implementation of the construction of the sailing and motor driven cruise catamaran of a great comfort as well as for the implementation of some tourism projects.
From 1997 to 2001 he was actively engaged in development of tourism and tour projects on comfortable helicopters, boats, and yachts. He was engaged in brokering for the purchase and sale of various technical facilities, transport services, etc.
In 2001, he published one of his space projects, "Astronaut Wings for $10000” in the Space News magazine No. 10/2001 in which he proposed to use a reusable “Energia” booster as the main stage for suborbital flights of 150-200 persons from the sea-based platforms.
In 2002 he incorporated company "Aerospace Systems" for the implementation of his aerospace projects. In 2003, together with two partners, he opened Interplanet Trans Systems Corporation for the implementation of a solar sail project.
He was actively engaged in development and looking for investors for solar sail, space advertising, and interplanetary expedition projects. During the period of 2002-2004, he developed a concept of manned expedition to Mars. He applied for the expertise of this project and received a positive decision with a recommendation for its further development.
On the 9th of April, 2004 he announced his private scientific and commercial project of a manned mission to Mars at the Interfax press conference. The event had a positive response among the progressive part of aerospace professionals. Indeed, the project featured simplicity and an absolute reliability, and could allow making a landmark of the mankind absolutely real already in 2011. The project was supported by specialists (!) but was not supported by government amateurs (!) and the commercial projects that contributed to self-financing of such a big project were not supported and even deliberately closed. (The most unique point in this project was that it was designed by one person, the present grant Applicant, and the specialists were engaged only for numerical optimization of ballistics and for clarifying certain technical aspects, as well as documentation preparation).
In 2005-2006 he was engaged in testing inflatable structures for the Earth and the space as well as in the development of space advertising projects.
He was modeling the process of dome arrays to cover large areas. He developed a multi-dome system to create an artificial climate on large areas of 1000x1000 meters or more. He developed the construction principle of large inflatable structures made of a thin shell without using the air blowers. The know-how of the project is that it is possible to build a large dome by using a thin shell.
In 2007-2010 he was engaged in marketing of inflatable structures in Russia, Kazakhstan and the USA by studying the potential demand. He manufactured and tested several experimental designs for the mass market with a limited budget.
At present he is engaged in inventive activities.
In September 2011 he applied for the following inventions patents:
• The method of delivery into space of O-ring and lattice surfaces, application No. 2011139351. This is an original method of construction on the Earth and delivery of the orbiting annular space stations with a diameter of 300 meters or more, as well as telescopes, space power stations and radio aids.
• The method of cargo transportation in the planet atmosphere at speeds higher than the orbital velocity and a hypersonic device for its implementation. No. 2011139349. It's a method that allows building space planes that can move in the atmosphere at speeds exceeding 16 km per second without the hull heating.
• A method of multiple space lift re-entry of the oversized loads, application No. 2011140578 This method allows lifting in space of the construction with the sizes up to 80x80x100 meters without packing and deployment.
• A linear rocket motor with an active control of the critical section and multi-leveled arrangement of the combustion chambers. No.2011140576. It will allow building the aerospace systems with minimal noise and working motors vibration and maximize their safety.
• A method of space advertising, No. 2011140577, it will significantly attract the advertisers to the space types of advertising.

Sources of income & Fundraising.

1. One of the real and effective sources of income for the organization during the initial and subsequent phases of its activities, will be research, as well as scientific and commercial works and shows aimed to simulate space (natural) conditions on other planets and the parallel implementation of the results achieved in the direct commercial production of consumer goods, construction, transportation, advertising, communications, entertainment and so on. It will be the design and construction of large multi-module pressurized pavilions (from 100x100 meters in size) to create (simulate) the artificial climate on other planets with the analogues of the atmospheres of, for example, Titan, Venus, gaseous planets, such pavilions can also serve as test chambers for spacecraft testing and astronauts training. Besides, the commercial attractions for the entertainment and educational programs for the public will be developed in such pavilions. Organization of filming works, commercials shooting, shows, etc. Such attractions will simulate space adventures with a maximum reality effect. The design with the subsequent production of the real space means for space cruises will also be organized. The Applicant has worked out a lot of real versions and technical solutions for the immediate start of such works. There were performed works for the construction and testing of the pressurized pavilions. The marketing has been performed.
2. The construction of educational and entertainment centers similar to Disneyland. At present the Applicant of the present grant is already involved in the development of such scientific and commercial program as STARS Canary Islands. (Appendix 1).
3. Organization of the design and exploration researches for the construction and testing of mobile manned inflatable modules for the construction of bases on other celestial bodies, and organizing of a parallel business activity for the production of inflatable structures for a new generation of water parks, golf clubs, tennis courts, etc. The Applicant has conducted marketing researches on such production market, as well as a number of works for the construction and trial tests of the commercial mobile inflatable structures to study their behavior under various operating conditions. The techno-economic survey has been written. (Appendix 2).
4. Organization of scientific and technical researches on the design and study of the newest means to transport people and cargo into space and their return at the lowest costs and technical risks. Design of mobile and stationary bases on the Moon and other celestial bodies. The organization of large-scale geological exploration works on the Moon and in deep space. (The Applicant has a lot of specific technical solutions regarding this part) The parallel development of the commercial component of such works when organizing of mass space tourism at the lowest prices. From the suborbital mass attractions to serious multi-day orbital cruises followed by the promotion program for mass travel to the Moon and other celestial bodies at prices not much higher than usual sea cruises.

5. Researches on remote modes of transmission of large amounts of energy using both the classical means of communication: the laser, the maser, the microwave radiation, and the newest ones. Organizing of the systems for global information-energy positioning, as well as the performance of a basic research and specific technical studies on the synthesis of antimatter and the scientific and commercial missions for the organization of high-speed flights in the far outer space with the use of nuclear power sources traction. Testing of these systems at large distances from the Earth. It goes about full-scale research works for the creation of new acceleration devices in the space. From pulsating nuclear (thermonuclear) rocket engine to the first tries of the use of the annihilation for moving. Organizing of the construction of the first ultra-light probes to conduct experiments in space at speeds of more than 10 000 km per second. There will be used different ways to achieve this purpose, such as film sail in combination with remote laser and maser pusher, a magnetic sail to the maser remote accelerator. The development of new technical ways and means for the start of the probes right from the crone of even the chromosphere of the Sun “QUANTUM SPRING PROJECT” (by the Applicant). The study of the found data and the development of a strategy to further designs improvement for approximation of flight speeds to the light speed and study of their characteristics. The study of the matter properties and its structure at such speeds, the confirmation of the existing theories, and, certainly, the discovery of newest physics on the sub light speeds, when the probe itself and its structure become an accelerated particle and a detector in the space vacuum.
In parallel with these works, there will be performed the implementation of their technical results in commercial production: such as an effective eco-friendly energetics, based on the reactions of annihilation and nuclear fusion, the use of the solar energy for the global remote information-energy servicing of the technical facilities, both on the Earth and in the deep space, the promotion to the further goals with the use of the obtained results according to their characteristics. Such new phenomenon as the properties of space - time and the development of new approaches to the development of the technical means of transport, energy supply, information processing.
All the works on the technical part will be closely linked to cyber-medical and biological experiments, development of the newest medicamental agents, body training means, long-term anabiosis, full freezing of the organisms and their subsequent rehabilitation.
The investments attraction in all the phases is considered as a small part of the additional funds needed to stabilize the active scientific and commercial activity. The main part of the revenues is expected to be received in the self-sufficiency mode: by executing of the commercial orders for scientific and technical works, production, advertising, show programs, entertainment, tourism, agriculture, etc.
The Applicant has a number of specific technical proposals on all of the mentioned stages of realization and the experience in organizing activities related to the planning of complex scientific and commercial space missions and investment attraction. For example, the development of a private scientific and commercial manned mission MARS-PILOT well known in the world has been declared by the grant Applicant at the press conference dated the 9th of April, 2004 as a general concept by one person (the Applicant) and the aerospace industry enterprises were involved only at the stage of ballistics optimization, technical solutions validation and construction documentation preparation in accordance with the industry requirements. The Applicant also has a number of projects and applications for inventions regarding the commercial space development for profit necessary for the fundamental studies of the structure of our existence in order to effectively and safely explore space and time.

Thus, it is supposed to balance the works cycle: fundamental research – experimentation – development are balanced by testing – fine tuning - working off - implementation along with the obtaining scientific and commercial results by the main space activity:
• The creation of new commercial means to transport people and cargo into space.
• Creation of space tugs, film reflectors, based on the solar sail, (Appendix 3) electric rocket engines and quantum effects.
• Creation of tourism and entertainment, scientific and educational space-related complexes, both on the Earth and in space. Space cruises, space hotels, space universities (Orbit-based universities for 1000-5000 students -researches), attractions.
• Creation of commercial tools of the ultra-long space communications. (Appendix 4).
• Creation of the newest methods of communication, information processing and transmission.
• Creation of commercial tools of the local and global security.
• Commercial robotics.

Investments approach.

Having a great experience and a good example of non-monetary return of investment after implementation of such global space projects as Apollo Space Shuttle and the ISS which are similar in some aspects to Program 100, we can predict with fairly high accuracy the useful output of Program 100 in the non-profit aspect. The investment policy of Program 100 will also mean first of all investment in the new generation of inhabitants of the Earth, in their education, upbringing, their choice of profession and the principle of forming the worldview, which will enable them to successfully explore other worlds.
The investment approach of the Organization in its early activities will be standard and will include the following operations:
 Attraction of the various funds to cooperation.
 Attraction of corporations.
 Issuance of own shares.
 Interaction with venture funds.
 Creation of own funds for venture capital investing.
 Creation of own funds and companies to attract investment. For example a fund "Interplanetary Expeditions" and "Interstellar Flights."
 Operations with securities and assets and as a small and risky part, up to 10 per cent of the Organization’s investment.

Statement of Work (SOW)

With the use of the grant funds the Organization implies a solution of several key objectives which would make in the shortest time possible the implementation of incidental commercial projects of the same subject and spirit with the main objective of slowly but surely moving towards the main goal .... Preparation of specific technical solutions for mastering Space colonization of planets with subsequent manned missions to other stars and the establishment of colonies in their neighborhoods.
For this, the organization first and foremost will:
a) form a preliminary list of the organizers of the enterprise, INITIATORS who would be specialists in the main specialties of aerospace and commercial activities. The Manager, Design Engineer, Cosmologist. The Applicant has experience in enterprise organization, staffing, and has the necessary project management skills. This work will take place in parallel with the registration of the Corporation and will be completed within two months from the receipt of funds at the Applicant's account.
b) register the Organization with the corporate form of ownership and a brand with a suitable name, reflecting the entire spirit of its mission at all times. This is a usual formal procedure of registration of commercial entities in the United States. It takes no more than 10 days and is not very expensive. The Organization will develop a corporate website, take on lease some good domains for it and pay for hosting.
c) The Organization with its team of employees experienced in development of aerospace projects and specialists in brand promotion will make the initial steps to spread information about their programs via low-cost media, including free social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. This work will be carried out continuously during the whole period of the grant development.
d) The Organization will engage in an active mailing of their commercial proposals to major business structures and potential investors who might be interested in projects related to space. The commercial offers will contain a list and description of commercial projects that the organization can realize in the shortest time and with minimal funds for the flag and the motto of the great future of space travel, as well as projects that have already passed market research for their implementation for the future profit. These will be the projects already formed and justified as a business idea by the Applicant and passed preliminary technical feasibility tests. These proposals will include promotional projects in outer space, the basic principles of which are provided in the filed patent application, a Commercial Solar Tug based on solar sails, Mirrored Reflectors to illuminate the night land, a space tug based on solar batteries and electric rocket engines, the same device without any structural changes will be developed as a power module for a space station. The planned term for attracting investments for the proposals, taking into account a good command of the issue, is no more than 1 year.
d) The Organization within the project of a future manned space bases at the first stage will allocate the funds in the amount of 1/3-1/4 of the grant for the start-up of a commercial project to produce a new generation of inflatable structures for general use, creating artificial climate pools, water parks, golf courses, tennis courts, etc. All the preliminary works in marketing in the U.S. and test trial designs have been conducted by the Applicant of the project. The Applicant has successful experience in finding customers for these products and a clear plan for its implementation. It is expected to start making profit within 6 months from the receipt of the grant funds. The implementation of this project at the initial launch phase will involve no more than 3 people.
e) In the same way the Organization will start educational, scientific and commercial projects in the process of finding investors who will make a profit from the earliest stages. These projects include organization of production and sale of souvenirs on space subjects of the newest future which has not yet been described in any sci-fiction … The products will be sold already in the process of finding investors both to potential investors and to potential customers, in schools, colleges, universities etc. The souvenirs will be repeating the themes and image of space projects of the Organization. Educational programs will include information on the objectives of space exploration, and their solutions by specific means which will be implemented in its long-term programs of the Organization. All subjects will be only author's projects. Souvenirs will represent patentable or simply developed technical means of delivery of people and cargo to space, space station spacecraft, starships, space colonies, space bases, etc.
At this stage it is planned to organize a very effective small business which in addition to commercial profit would at the same time provide new information on the latest space missions implemented by the Corporation. This will emphasize the national interest in space among investors, as well as in the adult population, which in its turn attract younger people.
g) The Organization will summarize the grant development meeting the deadline with a positive balance of the enterprise and great optimism to continue our mission.


1. award + 1 month
The Applicant rents an office and forms a team of three to five experts to start work. This work will be conducted in parallel with the registration of the Corporation and shall be completed within two months from the receipt of grants at the the Applicant's account.
The cost of establishing the corporation: $ 1,000.
The cost of office rent: $ 1,500 per month.
Applicant's salary: $ 2,000. month
Travel expenses, consulting: $ 2,000.
Total: $ 6,500.
2. award + 2 month
Development and registration of the brand of the Corporation with a suitable name, with the entire spirit of its mission at all times: $ 4,000.
Brand development and establishment of a commercial firm under the Corporation for commercial production of inflatable structures and air-inflated devices for various purposes: $ 1000.
Development of the website for the Corporation and its subsidiary, payment for hosting for 2 years: $ 10,000.
Salary for three employees $ 6,000.
Total: 21 000 USD

3. award + 3 Months
The Organization team will make the primary steps to spread information about its updated and amended program through low-cost media, including free social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
Salary for three employees: $ 6,000.
Travel expenses, consulting: $ 2,000.
Purchase of free area, 100x100 meters for construction of three inflatable hangar measuring about 50x50 feet: $ 20 000. The hangars will serve as examples of products and production plants for the manufacture of the same air-inflated constructions and other products in the form of cosmic film structures (sails, reflectors, etc.) and will also serve as pavilions to house decoration for photo and motion pictures filming
Total: 28000 dollars.

4. award + 4-10 months

Salary for three employees: 63 000 dollars.
Preparation of commercial proposals, and Post mailing: $ 5,000.
Construction of three inflatable structures of new generation in the style of the future space base, of various construction and design. 150 000 dollars. The construction of such facilities will involve temporary work force.

Total: 218 000. + 250 000 other = $500 000

5. award + 11-24 months
The Applicant already has successful experience in finding customers for air-products and a clear plan for its implementation. We expect to start taking orders for air-supported dome for various purposes, and receipt of funds on the subject. Implementation of this project at the initial launch stage will involve no more than 3 people.
 Further work on sustainability and gradual Investing in making a record outer solar sail-reflector of 55 meters in diameter. The Applicant has experience of manufacturing a construction of similar design.
 Signing a contract to launch the sail with a specialized company.
 Continuation of the main program of the Organization as an independent self-supporting structure. Strategy development and further formation of the team.
Organization 100 and its team will summarize the development of the grant meeting the deadline with a positive balance of the enterprise and great optimism to continue our mission!