Saturday, November 26, 2011

I will hook a carbine for a hand-rail at ISS station and forward to Mars :)

I have thought a little and have solved a sail is necessary for me! for cheap and fast expeditions. A sail I have decided to send of 800 km into an orbit.......... Directly in the unfolded kind. Yes! There is nothing easier than to deliver in space a sail in the sizes of 7000 metres without a rocket and in the unfolded condition. My patent application and experience of the experimenter will not allow to tell lies. I will hook a carbine for a hand-rail at station and forward to Mars.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hollywood on other planets!

I wish to help Hollywood to reach an orbit!!! For a long time already it is necessary to do shooting of space scenes on other planets!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

To 300 years of Lomonosov. Jumps on stars.

In mountains where many the big stones are convenient to move jumps from one stone on another. I have thought then, probably it is possible so to skip on stars? You start from the Sun together with a quantum spring and you fly to the nearest star. Ex. A Centaur alpha. Flying up to a star you do braking by means of its chromosphere and leave into a high elliptic orbit, And walk on its planets within a year. Further you fall on a star and you enter into its atmosphere, you charge a quantum spring and you jump out with acceleration 555 g towards the following star. About a quantum spring I will not tell yet, and here on the laser it is possible too.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The lady and Gentlemen! Attention!

I have forgotten to add in a price of my teeny-programm the teeny point COST of the expense 1 dollar. Point of purchase after 2020 ISS. I wish to fix on ISS a space sail and also ageinst radiating panels and to depart to Mars for three years. Total start-up now 500 001 dollars.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

It is my program-minimum

It is my program a minimum I have written program (100yss grant) quickly for 3 days. But has not had time to send to 111111. Now it is necessary to search for the grant in other place.

(text by Alexandrov Oleg Aleksandrovich copying and use of the text without the permission is forbidden!!!)


Nowadays, there is no need in stating the obvious - demographicproblems on our planet are getting more and more serious, slowlytaking a shape of a global problem. Modern generation is fortunate to have an opportunity and honour oflaying the foundation for interplanetary expeditions. The most pivotalstep was when the mankind left traces on the Moon's surface. Now it isturn for other planets to follow suit: Mars, Mercury, Venus are allpieces of a large jigsaw - interstellar travels and voyages to anothergalaxies. The objective of receiving a grant is to prepare a clear and simplestrategy for 100 yss Organisation to be able not only to devise newand innovative technologies for manned interstellar expeditions, butalso realise the majority of those ideas during a course of 21stcentury..............................

FuLL Text on the panel "MY PROGRAMM"