Friday, December 17, 2010

It no Titan

It is all was on other planet? And It can green ice corals are seen from a metane fog on the companion of Saturn the Titan? Is not present Is not present There is no it our planet I assure you!.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Life Low

I am going to clone domes on other planets On Mars there on the Titan and other Earths.
On our Earth too it is not bad to cover cities in Antarctica for example. That is SUPER! you Do a dome in one biological CELL and by simple division and joining you create a huge organism with a roof getting to heavens.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cities and caves and grottes it too cool!

On Mars it is possible to find precisely such counters and to straighten domes directly in caves or grottoes. Cities in caves it too cool! And the main thing is safe because huge protection against radiation which it will be easy gets through weak atmosphere.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Superdomes for Supercity

 To cover with domes the whole cities. It not a fantasy. Good stuff is necessary. I tried to build domes of various materials and various designs. I wish to construct the best design of a dome having covered the whole city well or small town
I so between times develop such design. It will be simply super! When we will start building of cities with gardens from apple-trees on Mars this technology should be fulfilled faultlessly


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where glaciers leave our office?

Where glaciers leave our office?
In what country? Or they thaw? If they thaw then it is necessary to stop this disgrace.
How to stop? Elementary! It is necessary to build faster space jalousie for our office.
What for this purpose it is necessary?
To finance construction of my rockets which will carry these jalousie in space.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Two bolts with nuts and you on a game.

Easy tuning, some bolts with nuts and is more than food that's all that is necessary. Still it is necessary to take a guitar.

Flight' n roll music. 2015' n real dance.

Till 2019 too long. 2015 just suitable term of start of flying mobile base. I so think couple  Space Shutlles it is necessary to leave in a reserve. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The cabbage has given a superprofile :)))

I have opened An ideal profile of a wing at Reynolds's great values.
The laminar running Layer stream from a zone A flows round a forward edge of a wing 1 and further according to all laws of aerodynamics passes in a turbulence 2 zone B.
I would like to test my profile in laboratory NACA

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Self-assemblage of mirrors in space.

So with  single base all is clear. The price and weight. (Quality we will achieve tests)
Now we place base in a bubble a rocket and having taken a sip to tea it is done definitive cost of expedition.
Two rockets will depart. One with mirrors another with base. (The rocket on 250 tons is useful for a conclusion to an orbit oversized cargo
. For example for the first space university for students. For their study, entertainments and laboratory works in area cosmology and astrophysics.
It is impossible to forget and about simple space tourists. For them it is possible to send in space some ring hotels.
so all as a whole is ready. Supping tea it was possible to draw and count the basic concept and even a tax of the demand for patenting. Now it is necessary to eat and be engaged in superrrrrrrrengines for superrrrrrrrockets.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The real base cheaply than a ISS's toilet!

 Okey, all calculations at cost of real Martian base are executed. (Without cost of refuelling by hydrogen) enough round sum Has turned out. 15 million Euro. It certainly is little bit cheaper than a toilet on  ISS but all the same I will try to reduce the price a little more.

Friday, November 26, 2010

300 million more

  Then in 2004 on a press of conference I have a little distracted from conversation with journalists because a lot of 3,5 billion dollars for expedition to Mars has thought that. 600 million and no more. Now I have understood as I was mistaken. The price of expedition no more than 300 million euro. (Pay attention my project has been supported by scientific experts in this area which clearly understand that speak, instead of the official from agency or the high-ranking layman.
Flight to Mars is possible forces of one small private company. But that the project went more cheerfully I will invite many foreign partners.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Golden Time

I together with my foreign friends some years we develop project S.T.A.R.S..
It very long. And I have already started to think that most likely I between times will start to mount Martian base at once on Mars. Because till 2019 there is not too a lot of time. I already have well thought over all. Expedition cost will make no more than 300 000 000 euro. Yes Misters you were not mistaken. This figure in words sounds so: three hundred millions euro.

Heat and cosiness in a kingdom of the ice-king of a cold.

To take a little table in enough cosy conditions somewhere on the  satellite of Saturn the Titan. To bathe in pool, to sunbathe under artificial sun in a chaise lounge or simply to sit under a live palm tree with the interesting book. And let you are not frightened by a metane rain outside. And temperature-180 degrees on Celsius.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A golf on Mars misters it without problem

I am simply assured that my bubbles will provide excellent local conditions on Mars. It is possible to work and walk under a dome in thin compensatory a survival suit
 With an easy mask.
Though by means of a new material from Andrey and Konstantin it will be possible to dress simply a vest shorts and directly barefoot to play in tennis or a golf. A golf on Mars misters it without problem.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Rover-Rocket Base

Well so not the bad option turns out. And the main thing is not present anything easier. So, from the earth to Mars on a payload in which there is nothing superfluous. I will choose more sparing trajectory.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mars Mobile Base and it 4D version.

I so have thought, have turned the thought in a head in the form of 4D models (3D + time).
 Also has solved that we will model Martian conditions......With crew Directly on Mars!!!
Modelling of conditions directly on Mars. we will begin directly to 50 y. Apollo-11. Not later.
And still I have solved that all Martian base will be mobile. It will move across Mars on wheels which will fasten to a power rim with inhabited compartments. If the base gets to a trap it too will fly through mountain without any problems.
Ок so I also will make..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Funny traps :)))

If I on the my rover get to a trap made of mountains and rocks there are no problems! I will switch on rocket engines which are on a stomach of my rover and I will simply fly through this mountain. It will be the same engines on which I has landed.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

my rover's possibilitiesase.

After landing, on mine rovers it will be possible to pass more than 1000 kilometres. It is possible to go in it, to sleep and go out on a surface. To type in a handful Martian sand and to be surprised what it rusty. Then to go farther. To enjoy a beautiful landscape. it is possible to stop and drill Mars on 200-500 metres and to take from depth samples of a ground. Then somewhere for 1000 kilometres from a landing place to get rid of a backpack, to lift a returnable rocket and to start on an orbit, or return on base.  

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fantomas would start to smoke nervously

That I am good to look round on Mars around I wish to use  Rover with chisel installation. On it it is possible not badly on to frolic in search of a suitable place for placing on a Mars surface for the next base. I wished to send a piloted mars rover on  Mars. And that it there has reached itself. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

microorganisms which have left through fingers of the Viking.
The good picture has come from Mars. A place just fine for landing of troops consisting of my flying interplanetary domes! Now seriously it is necessary to think over this place of planting. There it is possible to make planting and to begin travel on  silica to veins of Mars. It will be wonderful informative travel. There probably there will be at last microorganisms which have left through fingers of the Viking.  

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The little problem appear with times

Operation ISS have prolonged to 21 years. Tere Badly what not to 18 years L. I am going to buy ISS after end of its operation. I already have one dollar. I think we will agree on price. I so have thought while drank tea that the good economy turns out. It is not necessary to lift the cargo most part from the earth. And ISS on structure  little reminds my project of interplanetary manned station for expedition to Mars.

Ок, and we will make perhaps. Now still to tea a glass I will pour and I will think as it is better to make. That not to like me it the big heavy beam bearing solar batteries. It is a terrible ballast. At itself in projects I weigh a ballast I transform into an obligatory payload. For example at me beams are made in the form of the basic inhabited modules. Balk-modules. Certainly it is a lot of lacks but economy in weight which should be put into orbit it is huge plus. I will make it! After all I have 1 dollar.
  To me for this money and modules will suffice to fly on a Fobos, Daymos, Mars and further to Asteroids  Vesta and  Cerera. I want on  Vesta it is risen on top of huge mountain. :)))

                                                                                       Jokes jokes but it seriously : /

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mars base STARS

Well here now all problems are practically solved. A way of an input in atmosphere of Mars I will a little change (for uniform distribution of thermal inflow of the heated atmosphere influencing on  my ball of 80 metres, it will enter into atmosphere  Mars by twirled ball, with the set  angle). Now I with my foreign friends without problems will deliver to Mars domes together with base. Anything superfluous it is not rejected and used with advantage! All modules and blocks are useful building and functional elements. From start from the surface of earth to Mars and dwelling on it within several years. Now perhaps I will count cost of each stage. I wish to send expedition with crew  4-10 persons to Mars. It is absolutely real

Friday, October 29, 2010

The small technical deviation from lyrics

Hi all!

I perhaps will make small technical deviation from lyrics. While I drank tea, has decided to send the ball-small- lamp to Mars.
I so have thought it would be not bad. Start up flies on an impulse nearby 800. Hydrogen we will  roast on a frying pan to 1500 and forward on small draught for three months to Mars. And there usual trivial braking with planting. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mounting teils

 Greetings to all!

Yesterday has made photos. These photos have been made on rest in the summer. Photos with bad quality have turned out because have been made by the bad camera.
It was the first picture made after I have risen on mountain. There was a long lifting accompanied by a small rain. But when I have risen on top a rain have passed and there was a sun which has drawn in the dark sky a mirror in diameter about in one kilometre. The mirror has been tense on a skeleton made of a rainbow.
Story continuation follows

Sunday, October 24, 2010

To ride out trade winds

   There were even 15 minutes and with the concept have finished. the concept the simple reliable. All rocket blocks are reliably transformed in parachutes and balloons. Parachutes it will not be always necessary to fold. they will be in the straightened kind, and will be full up hot air or helium. Will swim at a returning stage in air as clouds. Then at certain height they will be catch by an air current and it is kind, and main that that the current free of charge delivers rocket blocks to a restart place. Now I will count cost of construction of such system and forward. I will invite halpers also will construct between times such space attraction. Thus without forgetting that I should make the green SUPERSONIC plane with superspace speed to get to the book of records of Ginnesa.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

PASSAT will halp us!

I on the days off have made a picture interesting. Also has thought that it will be better if stages of my rocket come back to a start place as a cloud floating on the sky, by means of a wind stream. On equator it will make a trade wind. It considerably will make cheap rocket start.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Global Space Attraction

Now it is necessary to look at that as rescue of ring-rocket-stage will look.
Well looks not badly. Nicely enough.
Such cruise will be most safe than space world attractions. A real space attraction. Now it is necessary to calculate cost of investments for such attraction and to begin technical designing.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So  I continue on-line designing with the further on-line manufacturing  supercheap and supersafe  super space university for scientists and students.
For such university it is necessary over cheap and over the reliable rocket carrier.
I have found some minutes and have made a sketch of the constructive scheme. OK, HAVE gone further. Now it is necessary to continue design study already more detailed. Now it is necessary to find somewhere else five minutes. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

NEWTON. New style. New ton.

Hi Friends!
Today has found 30 minutes to work over the power scheme of my project of space university. Newton has decided it to name in honor of the great physicist. Because that is a lot of in the project is connected with telescope Newton system, and gravitation which He so wanted to understand.
The project appears not badly. The basic attention I give certainly safety...... To absolute safety and rescue systems.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Univesities go out an orbit!

I congratulate the Chilean miners on an exit on a surface!!! You strong people!!!
I so have thought, on others planets when I will put the mines, whether it is necessary to send miners? No! There there will be steel robots!
Mines on other planets it cool! to choose a good place for mine I so between times I project the small pocket field-glass for space. In it can look at once billion person :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Progress not to stop!!!

You sometime heard about laser 3D to a rating? Now precisely will hear. Rating far and wide :))) It is my personal project, And I carry it to Europe far away from dangerous church obscurantists.
Progress not to stop!!!

The linear accelerator or orbiting station? Both the linear accelerator, and an orbiting station.

When I spoke about the space accelerator, I meant linear dispersal of particles reiltron long in more than 100km. Very big conveniences! It is not necessary to pump out air from it. And the most important thing what pure and fresh vacuum! (Useful to health........................accelerator's health :) .Problems much I don't argue but it is worthy of it.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Hi Folk!
That each person of a planet could make by request to itself personal weather, not do without good transparent domes. The space mirror it is certainly good, but I will make it for other purposes. in 2005 trained with a dome 120х80 meters. Has tried in different variants. It was pleasant. From easy movements of a tiny dome 16х10 meters through an easy step 120х80 meters to warm-up 500х500 meters and to begin at last training from 1000х1000 meters to 10 000х10000 meters and further without reducing rate, with installation of domes on other planets.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Mirror of the World

I here have thought and have solved that without a mirror jalousie not to manage. Weather should be regulated unequivocally. Here only to each of billions people will do it for mood it is problematic.

To John 70

Imagine John that probably returning.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Greetings friends!
Today has walked on wood. Mushrooms has a little collected. Has sat at small pool. Weather was fine. In the sky instead of clouds the grass grew but it to me didn't disturb :) I when sat on the bank of a pond has thought of such thing. It would be not bad if it would be possible to do such weather by request. Under mood. Now I attempt mushrooms and I will think of it. I will think as it it is possible to make.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

London-LA for 5 minutes

I very much love fractals. Yes it so!
Especially fractals constructions.
I congratulate guys Andrey and Kostya on Nobelevkoj!

Here at me in the bottom drawing the amusing thing turns out. As continuation fractal's sequences. :))
By the way about flying frogs and Levitrons, published in 1997 in magazine European Journal of Physics.
Too Irreplaceable thing!!!

You ask me, and for 5 minutes it is possible to reach from London to LA by my plane?
And I will answer you... That there is nothing easier!
It even will be more comfortable than on modern pterodactyls. Just by means of this levitation a magnetic pillow, all accelerations will appear a trifle. Even 100g. It is necessary to think certainly about this device but it is worthy of it.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

from London to LA for 30 minutes

Hi All!

Yesterday has put in two statements on patents. Anything so, cool there will be projects, especially after realization.

Let's soon fly on the sky from London to LA for 30 minutes. Yes Misters no more.You always will be in time on last session in a cinema, directly on the freshest film which I will remove in Hollywood.

/ The XX-th century. The Erth planet..............The CONCORDE>
\ The ХХI-th century.The Erth planet..............The SUPERHYPERSONIC>

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Now I am engaged in advancement of the my project of half-soft-domes in Europe. Here has asked the friend to draw one of my projects in a digital variant. Looks certainly better than drawn by hand or on the scheme.
It won't prevent me to be engaged in primary activity connected with astronautics.

Children of the Rutherford

Oh! Would clash by foreheads a couple neytrino! :))))

I lately think of the linear accelerator ([though a combination of the accelerator with a ring orbiting station too not badly, but curvature certainly all complicates)long at least 500 km more and more (well all right to begin with 100кm) which I want to place in space together with a solar power station a gigawatt on 100.
I don't want to be over-modest, business interesting and important.
As I am going to do rockets as chips.
It is necessary to tinker with the detector, I certainly it should recognize.
Let's give birth to the Universe of new physics!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Traces of the Traces

There are Children suggest to think over effect.
Certainly it is necessary to think and publish the thought on
I perhaps will think over these tracks. Though there the traces of traces left trace which as always are obviously traced are consequences trace- formations that traces have left marks other traces and so on! Oh this is no abracadabra :) And it not a Bengalese candle!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ultragypersupervacuum = BH

I apologize for my strong English :)

To argue on that that there is a black hole or not in general is ridiculous. Whether as ridiculously as well as to argue on that there is an absolute emptiness or not. Hawking has forgotten the holes to name absolute vacuum. And a matter have forgotten to name absolute pressure Believe, in space always there will be a corner with a Small slice of absolute emptiness. Unit and zero pressure and vacuum. Here to you and all philosophy. That’s all life. Simply.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Simple Universe

Stephen Hawking Says God Is in the Equations

I'd Like to say Yes, in the Universe as much god how many in a tray with a chaotic heap of balls which under the influence of silly vibration arrive to ideal structure.