Tuesday, August 31, 2010

my ancient firm

Esteem while my ancient site. www.cruiser.ru This was my office. It has become rotten in ice conditions of the extreme north. Now I will open new abroad. I will name its "Global  Space" or "General Space". Yes precisely and I will name.

The wheel without the rocket roll out into an orbit

Abroad I am going to construct to test and then to send in space the most abrupt in the world creation to the most abrupt in the world in the way. This thingummy will depart in itself without the rocket :)
AND What for to this thingummy the rocket? No, the rocket isn't necessary to it. Has inflated has included engines and has forgotten. Directly somewhere from a balcony of your house. Well or as a last resort from a personal islet with palm trees somewhere on equator. I'll do it!

Monday, August 30, 2010

My rest

I was on rest in the homeland, without access to blogs. A photo of the adventures I will show later. One acquaintance asked me to build the cover on summer pool. Well I so little bit have covered pool using make-shifts, Which Protected against rain and dust. Descended in mountains, sunbathed. Now in Moscow I do the visa. Gather serious rockets and planes to build abroad.