Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Self-assemblage of mirrors in space.

So with  single base all is clear. The price and weight. (Quality we will achieve tests)
Now we place base in a bubble a rocket and having taken a sip to tea it is done definitive cost of expedition.
Two rockets will depart. One with mirrors another with base. (The rocket on 250 tons is useful for a conclusion to an orbit oversized cargo
. For example for the first space university for students. For their study, entertainments and laboratory works in area cosmology and astrophysics.
It is impossible to forget and about simple space tourists. For them it is possible to send in space some ring hotels.
so all as a whole is ready. Supping tea it was possible to draw and count the basic concept and even a tax of the demand for patenting. Now it is necessary to eat and be engaged in superrrrrrrrengines for superrrrrrrrockets.