Tuesday, October 5, 2010

London-LA for 5 minutes

I very much love fractals. Yes it so!
Especially fractals constructions.
I congratulate guys Andrey and Kostya on Nobelevkoj!

Here at me in the bottom drawing the amusing thing turns out. As continuation fractal's sequences. :))
By the way about flying frogs and Levitrons, published in 1997 in magazine European Journal of Physics.
Too Irreplaceable thing!!!

You ask me, and for 5 minutes it is possible to reach from London to LA by my plane?
And I will answer you... That there is nothing easier!
It even will be more comfortable than on modern pterodactyls. Just by means of this levitation a magnetic pillow, all accelerations will appear a trifle. Even 100g. It is necessary to think certainly about this device but it is worthy of it.