Thursday, July 1, 2010

Looking for life in space? There is nothing easier! The super telescope project is at your service.

I'm proposing a project of a parabolic reflecting telescope with an unlimited cycle of focal distance control and automatic light pressure compensation intended for radioastronomic observations, ultra long-range space communications, location, optical and radio lighting of the segments of Earth and space objects.

Provisions are made in the project for delivering to the orbit a film reflector which is 1000 metres in diameter! (more than three times as big as the telescope at Aresibo). Its total weight is 8.5 tons. The reflecting surface area is 800,000 m2, the reflector material is polymer film with metal coating with original temperature control and automatic light pressure compensation.

A method of very simple highly reliable spreading of panels of very thin low strength materials in open space has been developed (on Earth); this method has no analogs and can be used for frameless structures which are over 5000 x 5000 metres in size!

Another highly reliable and simple system is the one for forming and adjusting the reflector surface; it allows to build reflectors of the paraboloid, spheroid, hyperboloid, ellipsoid of revolution types with the precision of up to 0.5 mm.