Thursday, July 1, 2010

Holywood orbits

Today has found at itself in garage in stuff one more my project.
Certainly it is not obligatory to sit down the cosmonaut for a wheel of a movie camera but on any it is cool :)

The project is based on the know-how for making space scenery with high precision reproduction of real or conceived natural scale objects.

For example, scenery in the form of the International Space Station or MIR station in the natural scale of 1:1 with the highest degree of precision of its outlines, together with a spatial stabilisation system, weighs not more than 850 kg (scenery in the form of 6 shuttles in the scale of 1:1 will have similar weight); the difference between scenery and a real object can be told only by a specialist at the distance of two metres.

Scenery with dimensions similar to those of the ISS can be packed into the volume of 2.5 to 3.0 m3 and be unfolded to the original dimensions automatically within not more than 120 minutes.

However, the most important component in the project is the local transport system which allows to carry out complex controlled within the radius of 100 metres without any consumption of propellant. Model tests of such a system have been carried out with the results exceeding all expectations, and control software versions have been developed.