Sunday, June 27, 2010

Penguins will help us!

By the way a quite good thing transparent domes!
I wish to fulfil properly technology and to cover the whole city somewhere in Antarctica:)
Imagine I put a dome on a glacial platform. Such ice layer in the thickness about kilometre. In a city spring at any time year. And within several years the city smoothly kindles ice and together with a dome smoothly plunges into ice thickness on all perimetre.
There is no I so have thought nevertheless better to put a city in Аntarctica on a surface free from ice:))) somewhere on a lawn with a permafrost. Though too it is dangerous. The frozen ground will thaw and to turn a meadow to bogs. It not a simple choice!
All right, on a place we will understand! And that that will not be clear penguins will help. They nice guys :)