Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Voyage to 50 Apollo-11

I have gathered for Mars to 50 y. Apollo-11 by 2019.
I wish to throw at first by means of sails there all necessary for returning. Then the express train in 69 days to rush into atmosphere of Mars. To make all affairs for 12 days and back the express train to the earth for 69 days. On a mirror trajectory. (In a word by means of mirrors on a mirror trajectory).
Though there is such tiny thought: instead of whether to jerk there it is a little on another? For example sails cargo have sent then 3, 5 months the express train we fly there. There we work while by means of sails there will not arrive cargo for returning.
In any case, business is final on one million. And at all on one million and on all 600. Expedition expensive I understand! 600 million dollars on road do not roll! But business interesting and necessary. I should make it. I already adjust sails. And that has promised in 2004!